Breathless - Everything I See

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I know I shouldn't do this but I can't let go it's because everything I see reminds me that so much time's been thinking about you so much time & I was bitter now as I can feel bitter & wallowing bitter & believing every life threat chasing an old dream it's the only dream I want I'm trapped by an old love it's the only love I want & it's the only light here it's because everything I do reminds me I challenge anyone to tell you what I want so I dwell on ghosts I dwell on the past say that I'm wallowing say I only want what I can't have but you've known in me just how I feel & how everything I see & do always reminds me it's just like it always was nothing's changed nothing's changed it's just like it always was nothing's changed at all ooh just make them weak ooh yes let them wait


1993-06-25 - Audycja (TPK)