The Waterboys - December

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December is the cruellest monthbut this year for once my cheeks are warmAfter long years in the wildernessI'm ready for the stormLet them throw all their cannonballslet all their strong men comeI'm ready to go anywherethrough venom, sick and scumDecember isn't always coldThis year she's mine and I know whySomewhere a flower has to growfor every flower that diesI'm stricken with feverbut my heart is strong as steelI'm ready to go anywhereI can believe! I can feel!December is a trusted friendI always recognise her faceIt's a plague of fools thrown aside foreverby her soft and silent graceShe is reckless as a maydaygentle as a stoneand ready to go anywhereto carry me back homeDecember fell deep in the bleak midwinter timewhen Jesus Christ howled a saviour baby's howla primal truth as pure as iceAnd though we crucified him on a crossand dragged his words from prayer to curseHe was able to go anywhereHe was almost one of us


1992-12-10 - Audycja (TPK)

1996-12-07 - Bledszy odcień bladości (TPK)