Stan Ridgway - Camouflage

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I was a PFC on a search patrol huntin' Charlie down It was in the jungle wars of '65 My weapon jammed and I got stuck way out and all alone And I could hear the enemy movin' in close outside Just then I heard a twing snap and I grabbed my empty gun And I dug in scared while I counted down my fate And then a big marine, a giant with a pair of friendly eyes Appeared there at my shoulder and said "Wait!" When he came in close beside me he said "Don't worry, son, I'm here" "If Charlie wants to tangle now they'll have two to dodge" I said "Well, thanks alot", I told him my name and asked him his And he said "The boys just call me Camouflage" Whoa Camouflage, things are never quite the way they seem Whoa Camouflage, I was awfully glad to see this big marine Well, I was gonna ask him where he came from When we heard the bullets fly Comin' through the brush and all around our ears And then I saw that big marine light a fire in his eye And it was strange, but suddenly I forgot my fears We fought all night and side by side, we took our battle stance And I wondered how the bullets missed this man 'cause they seemed to go right through him just as if he wasn't there And in the mornin' we both took a chance and ran And it was here the river bank when the ambush came on top of us And I'd thought it was the end and we were had Then a bullet with my name on it came buzzin' through a bush And that big marine, he just swat it with his hands Just like it was a fly! Whoa Camouflage, things are never quite the way they seem Whoa Camouflage, this was an awfully strange marine And I knew there was something weird about him 'cause when I turned around he was pullin' a big palm tree right up out of the ground and swattin' those charlies with it from here to kingdome come) When he led me out of danger, I saw my camp and waved goodbye but he just winked at me from the jungle and then was gone And when I got back to my HQ I told 'em about my night And the battle I'd spent with a big mari


1992-01-07 - Audycja (MPU)

1997-08-30 - Księżycowy Koncert Życzeń (TPK)