Devil Doll - Eliogabalus

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I dread the great winged insects And the cat-headed butterflies; Above all the fleshy wings Of the birds Trying to clutch me At times I thought I was a glass bowl And I trembled Fearing ti be cracked Or I felt as if I had committed A horrible crime (But... which one?) Sinking off (only) At night Then I was in a vast garden And I cut the tree in the middle "Tree of the knowledge Of dood and evil" Building a vessel That I named "Narrenschiff" And I sailed through Black waves of clotted blood Closing my eyes... Whwn I opened them I was sitting on the throne With the terror Of an endless hiccup Anxiety Not to walk on the lines I carry on numbering things 'Till I forget how many Then I start again... I don't give a damn For Caligula: just his horse! And I'm bored by Julius Caesar's Thousands words To cross the rubycon only "The mirror! The mirror! The mirrored life!" Same and adverse The real and its stage Flesh and blood puppets In the scene of the game Bitches to power The army is a ballet Empty the treasure In everyone's hands! "The mirror! The mirror! The mirrored life!" Sitting along in the empty pit Me The laughing man Innocent or absurd Not as death Living one instant But as the planet Diverse and deformed Watching the earth Beyond the mirror Now you, just you: Child Staring at me from the world - Biult on eternal repetitions - Behind the mirror Crack my world from side to side Kill me with every day To walk together Upon the sea... Life Is a state Of mind


1995-02-11 - Dzień Świętego Walentego (TPK)

1997-08-30 - Księżycowy Koncert Życzeń (TPK)

1999-11-13 - Noc Horroru (2) (TPK)